Monday, February 15, 2010

snow igloo

Child resides inside. Dog jumps from top.
Happy child waving from igloo.
Crazy snow dog watching kids play from his perch. Husband in the far right corner with snowblower at the neighbor's house.
Snow dog turning around to give me, the lady with the clicking black thing, the stink eye.

Folks, it has snowed here in the 'burbs of Cincinnati, OH. The 5pm news announced now that it may not stop and 1-3" more inches could pile up overnight. Seriously wondering how many snow days my sanity can shoulder before I snap completely?
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Carla said...

i am dying too. worked all day (real work) at my desk and now need to edit pictures but CANNOT sit in this chair any longer. i think i officially have seasonal affective disorder or whatever it's called.

listgirl said...

I used to live in Dayton... I wonder how many inches Dayton got? I hear Ohio State closed classes today too! But alas, I live in sunny San Diego now. :p