Tuesday, March 23, 2010

this and that

Feeling sort of caught up with life, I allowed myself to take some pics of what I have done lately. (By caught up I mean the bills are paid, my work is done AND I filled out my census form-not that my house is clean).
More self binding baby blankets. I still don't think my corners are quite right. I'd love to know from others if they really can lay totally flat or if there is some creative sewing involved. At this house, the creative sewing is involved...

I made this plate stand awhile back out of a thrifted crystal goblet and plate. And then I saw this bride to be, who painted all of hers white and tried that out. Cute!
A new lamp. Looking a bit sad here but I think the space around it will come to life soon.
This chair is done and is kind of the inspiration piece I am working from now for this seating arrangement. The table was made by my husband back in the day so he does not want it painted. How about painting the wood rocker on the other side of the table black like this chair and outfitting it w/ similar cushions?Here is said chair now. That quilt is the first one I ever made. I do love it only it does not match anything in the house. Oh well. What do you think about this chair black and perhaps the toile on the cushion??

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Amy said...

I say yes and yes. Paint the chair black and add the toile cushion!

Shirley said...

Yes, I love painted black chairs and this will look great with a toile cushion!!! Go for it!

Jessica Hills said...

Those all look like fun projects and they all turned out super cute.