Monday, May 10, 2010

FREE is never bad...

In all my blog reading, both personally and as part of the work I do for others, I run across A LOT of great stuff. And thanks to the world wide web, lots of it is free. Today, I share with you some of what I loved recently:

I am so in love with Japanese masking tape but it never dawned on me to use it digitally until I saw this. Download your own.

This might not be something tangible but it is a well done tutorial for this lovely wreath
which I am ready to make to fill in a space above my new headboard. I already bought the $1 paperback novel, just like she suggested. Oh, and if you are not all DIY, I saw one for sale in her etsy shop :)And these packages...I just cannot get enough of them. Of course, the generous blogger shared EXACTLY how she made them RIGHT HERE.

Have you found anything great lately that you want to share? If so, leave us a link in the comments. Pin It

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