Friday, May 14, 2010

home improvement evolution

The shelf is installed, a few pieces of milk glass are present, my favorite thrift find ever (white frame now painted blue was $4 I think), green ceramic bird from Old Time Pottery and my DIY wreath.

This wreath was not hard to make and it is impressive when complete--as in, one tiny wreath form becomes a big, full wreath. I only had one paperback novel from the $1 store and I could have used 12-24 pages to fill in gaps BUT once it is up on the wall, you cannot see those gaps. Also, I painted by book's edges blue and I love what that added.

I have also completed a pillow for the bed using a simple coin quilt method and more Nicey Jane fabrics.

I am pleased with how this turned out too.
Slowly, but surely, things are coming together.
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Carla said...

Wow - very shabby chic!! I love it. From far away, the wreath above the milk glass almost looks like a topiary - like it's connected. You are so crafty!!

Anonymous said...

WOW is seems like such a small word for an amazing job you did on your bedroom. You are absolutely the crafty person I know.

Kelly :)

Amy @ Positively Splendid said...

This is absolutely lovely! I love how full the wreath is. Gorgeous and very creative!

Sarah said...

Fabulous! Totally Love it. I love handmade projects whether its crafts, food, and anything else!

Debbie @ said...

This turned out so great. Love that room too. Love the colors and the feel of the room. You did a wonderful job decorating!