Monday, May 31, 2010

summer reading program

I just shared this over at the Little Dreamer Designs blog. I'd love if you add to the list here...or there.

summer past time: reading

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I am one of those people who has lots of hobbies: scrapbooking, sewing and reading. Reading was my first passion and I still totally love the escape of a good book. To me, summer means extra time to kick back with a good book. My family is heading to the beach in early June, so I have been scoping out the Bestsellers list and other places for book suggestions. I also like to get my hands on new releases from favorite authors like Sophie Kinsella and Jennifer Weiner.

I thought it would be fun to make a running list right here of the books you all enjoy and would suggest to others. Leave a comment and let's build a library of good summer reads!

To start us off, I will share a few I hope to read:

86 Bloomberg Place Series (I already read the first)

In An Instant-Lee Woodruff

Twenties Girl-Sophie Kinsella

The Broker-John Grisham

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