Thursday, September 23, 2010

book report

Aside from magazines, I had not read a book, a real book, in awhile. I guess since vacation which was back in June.

On that vacation, my niece and I noticed a load of people on the beach, at the pool...everywhere we looked, reading The Help. I read it about two weeks ago and totally understand the hoop-la. Such a wonderful story. So different from my usual "chick lit" but I loved it and recommend it.

I also just read Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner. I am luke warm on this one. Not sure if it is because I read it so closely on the heels of The Help, or not. Anyway, it's a quick read and definitely a girl's book :)

Today at Walmart, for some unknown reason, they only had 2 cash registers that could accept checks or debit cards. Imagine the length of the lines at those two registers. Imagine me waiting, trying to be patient with my very small cart load of goods, including one gift card which due to said computer issues, they could not process. Grrr. Pin It

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