Tuesday, September 28, 2010

family + kids

Shelby was Student of the Week last week and we got to join her for lunch. I hate to call my Mom out like this, but she doesn't have the hang of the focus on my camera but at the same time I really love the above picture so I am sharing it :)
My parents and both girls at the school lunch.
And the STAR herself, Miss Shelby.

Sharing a moment of sweetness (b/c often I feel that they are FEW and FAR between) among my girls:

While eating Chex Mix a day or so ago,I noticed each one taking out the morsels from her own bowl, to share with her sister. They each have different favs and each one knows it. Cute :) Shelby's are the really crunch rye bread thingies, and Olivia's are the golden Chex cereal...just so you know.
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