Thursday, October 21, 2010

good food

The chicken potato bake from yesterday was delicious. So easy to prepare and a very flavorful result. There is nearly an entire chicken breast leftover that I plan to enjoy today in a salad or wrap for lunch.
(photo taken with i phone)

This little beauty became a junior girl scout yesterday, one step up from a Brownie. The leaders gave out the Junior Mints, cute idea, huh?

And in bigger news, el picky eater, ate nearly a dozen steamed baby carrots at dinner last night. First she said they smelled good, then she asked if she could taste them. Once I said she could add butter and was ON! Her diet is fairly limited so the addition of carrots as a side to her chicken nuggets is a very good thing. Pin It

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Kate said...

I remember my girl scout days. Fun! I didn't see an email address from your comment on my blog... I think the camera fabric might be Echino?

Its awesome. Its in my i-spy quilt. :) kate from swimbikequilt