Tuesday, October 5, 2010

meal plan monday + more

My Monday blew by me in a jiffy. I spent 8:45-3pm ish with Shelby at a school field trip to Sun Rock Farms in NKY. Wow, that place (and the staff) are pretty amazing. It is an animal lover's paradise. It was quite chilly though...at least the parents thought so, I never heard one child mention it.
I think I was home 15 minutes before I had to return to school for Olivia's basketball practice after she mistakenly rode the bus home after school instead of staying after. So back we went with me in very dirty jeans from the earlier part of the day.
I guess we got back around 5:30p and quickly attacked some homework at the countertop while I made dinner.
I was back out the door again at 6:45 for the monthly PTO meeting. See... I told you it was a busy day!

Which means the meal plan gets shared today but includes Sunday :?

Sunday: Baked Split Chicken Breasts, Corn, Green Beans and mashed potatoes (just have to share that 2 chicken breasts were a mere $2.67 and we have leftovers for another serving of something...like chicken salad maybe?)
Monday: Hamburgers on the grill
Tuesday: Spaghetti, meatballs, garlic bread and salad
Wednesday: Pork Chops on the grill, rice maybe?
Thursday: Dance + Basketball game = drive thru
Friday: ?

If you want to see a crazy amount of people planning meals with links to recipes, visit the original Monday Meal plan blog.

And since I am not sharing any true recipes again this week, let me share what I made for lunch. Using the thin style buns, I added sharp cheddar and thinly sliced apples. I warmed up the panini press, sprayed it with light cooking oil and cooked this until crispy. It was super. The apples kept sliding out of the sandwich though! Pin It

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