Sunday, November 21, 2010


While keeping Olivia company in the family room, I brought down an in progress project to work on--my Starbucks knock off wreath. Above is a photo of one in Starbucks from a few years back. I actually began by wrapping my first ornaments (from the Dollar Store, much less pricey than styrofoam) with white yarn so my color scheme is going to have to be different. Or, I could start over and buy a few shades of green like this one?? And fill my large apothecary jar with the while yarn balls and all the silver ornaments I already purchased. Geez, I should have looked at this photo before I began.

Anyway, it is an easy craft but a bit time consuming. I hope to complete one in time for holiday decorating next week.

If you want a bit more eye candy/inspiration just look what comes up when you Google starbucks yarn wreath. Pin It


Katy said...

Thanks for sharing. I think my door would appreciate this. Weekend activity. Sorted!

sarah - dodeline design said...

This is great! I admire you, I had to make a wreath last year for an event, and it was quite a challenge :-)