Wednesday, December 22, 2010

cook and bake

Yesterday, the girls and I did a little semi homemade holiday treat making.

First up, Ready to Bake cookies.
My girls much prefer to eat the dough instead of the baked cookies.

Next, we made Hershey Hugs Pretzel kisses. My nephew determined we had been making this recipe for about 7 years. I saw it this week on another blog (whose pic I borrowed above!) and you can go there for the how to. Another tasty version...pretzel, topped with a rolo, baked until soft and topped with a pecan. Instant turtle!

And last, I made Rocky Road fudge. This easy recipe never disappoints.

I shared one plate of goodies with friends last nite and heard today that the pretzel kisses are already gone. Today I sent a plate to work with Dave as well.

What easy treats do you like to make for the Holidays? Pin It

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