Friday, December 17, 2010

good things

Free wine bottle labels from BHG
. I have printed two of these out so far onto full size label sheets, I then trim them to size. I found soaking the wine bottle in warm water with dish detergent is best for removing the original bottle label. A quick spray of Windex clears off the rest of the residue. Attach these labels and you have an impressive hostess gift.
Cute kids. Seriously, this is Olivia and Shelby + 3 cousins last night at a retirement dinner for their grandmother, Pookey. I wish I had captured their snazziness better b/c this does not do it justice. They were SO well behaved, I was extremely proud. Many thanks to the staff at Eddie Merlots for a fine evening. Our food was wonderful but the service was even better.
School is out until 2011. No more homework. Yippee!

Tomorrow is Cookie Day.

And not so good things...Miss Shelby woke up with a fever and has been very sick all day. She missed her last day of school and the Christmas party. Girlfriend is too yucky to even care :( Pin It

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