Tuesday, March 1, 2011

birthday gifts

Today is my birthday. I am forty with two years of experience.
On Saturday, my Mom surprised me with this awesome, crocheted, handmade blanket. The colors match my bedroom and I love the stripes, a great modern take on crochet.

A week or so before that, she gave me this handmade apron. Totally cute, right! I love that my Mom is retired and crafting it up.

My model holding up the apron in the sunshine.
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I need to add...because we are going to celebrate our birthdays together next week with brunch at the Palm Court we agreed not to exchange gifts. My mom is not a very good listener.

Ok, the birthday began with Olivia home sick from school with a fever. Before 9a, the school called b/c Shelby had a 102 temp. The flu and illnesses are taking over their grade school and unfortunately, they are the next two afflicted.

I kinda like having them home and taking the day at a slower pace but I do wish they would feel better.
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