Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Break 2011

We are still rolling along, although rowing along is a more apt term. It has rained non stop and in buckets full. Despite that (and a whole lot of spending money) we have had a really good time. Since I last checked in, we have:Attended the Cleopatra exhibit at the Museum Center
Enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt with friends
Gone to the theater to see Rio

Enjoyed dinner (and a margarita for me!) at Acapulco along with Kacie, my niece. Their veggie quesadilla was super delish.
Today the girls and I have made Easter Cupcakes and this heavenly Angel Lush Cake which I cannot wait to dig into tomorrow. This is made with all low fat ingredients but still tastes incredible (at least the pineapple/pudding/cool whip combo does!) . I need to confess that I have fallen very far from the Weight Watcher wagon over this past week. I will be back on track Monday. Sigh.

I also made my extended family's favorite potato casserole for tomorrow's lunch. I am trying an asparagus & mushroom dish for dinner at the in laws from my new Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook.

As I write this, thunder rumbles yet again in the distance. Here in the Cincinnati area, we are many inches over our typical rainfall for April. Boo-Hiss.

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter. Pin It

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