Tuesday, May 31, 2011

10 on Tuesday...

1. Tyler left today for boot camp. I do know that he arrived safely in SC already. And I cannot wait to see him in August.

2. I made this today because he is on my mind and in my heart
3. I am so glad this is the final week of school.

4. I love promoting CatScrap by writing on their blog and updating Facebook and Twitter.

5. Catscrap has good sales on Tuesday and Wednesday :)

6. It is so hot and humid here that it feels like August. This does not make me want to go to soccer practice.

7. At least our pool is open and in working order.

8. Hoping my Olivia does not have swimmer's ear already. Headed to the doc at 3:30p.

9. Planning on BLT sandwiches for dinner.

10. Headed to the dollar store to get paper doilies (hope to find some like this) for bag toppers for all my teachers' gifts. I will share photos later in the week. Pin It

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Aunt Kelly said...

OK I did really good on holding in my emotions......but seeing Shelby hugging my Tyler....I lost it. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family....I can't stop going in his room and just waiting for that text. He is all grown up and I hate it. I can not wait until August and so glad we can celebrate that moment together, the first time we see our Soldier. Love Aunt Kelly