Tuesday, July 5, 2011

iPhone photography hits the big time

This is a cut and paste from my other blog but I feel like sharing because it makes my heart that happy:

iPhone photography hits the big time

I am an avid photographer. I have a digital SLR camera and know enough about it to be dangerous. Same goes for PhotoShop but the iPhone 4 has really revolutionized things for me. I use it exclusively in place of my former pocket camera and it is my only current means of videotaping. Tack on some of the cool apps like Hipstamatic or Instagram, and I am a full fledged junkie. So I was more than pleased when I saw that the next issue of Martha Stewart's Every Day Food will feature a photo spread taken with an iPhone.
Yes, this is affirmation that the iPhone + apps is very worthy. And that is a very good thing.

To view the entire magazine spread, go ::HERE::.

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