Sunday, July 10, 2011

visiting the 100 acre woods

Me and the girls were able to view the new Winnie the Pooh movie a week in advance thanks to Dreamworks and Klout Perks. Some days, spending a ton of time on the internet pays off in an unexpected, but good, way!

The movie was at 10am. Here is what my girls look like at 10am with plentiful movie treats:
Said treats barely got eaten. Now I know not go get so much at that time of day, if I ever go again at that time of day.

The movie was darling. I'd say this is a winner from age 2 on through adult hood. There were so many clever and unique things like how the text from the book was incorporated and also the story and how it reinforced a good lesson: friends are important. More important even than honey : )

In place of previews there was just one short film, the Ballad of Nessie. I loved that and it was a total winner. The moral of that story? It's OK to cry. So wonderful.

The Kuethes are giving Winnie The Pooh 6 thumbs up and we encourage you to see the flick.

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