Saturday, August 13, 2011

the posting drought

I am pretty sure 10 days is my longest stretch with out a blog post. The past two weeks have been extremely busy but in such a very good, fun and family way. Last Friday, we left on a week long adventure. Stop 1: High Point to visit Dave's brother, his wife and their sons.
Rise and shine on Saturday morning and we were off to the beach for 3 nights (after a wonderful breakfast courtesy of our hosts).

This was our second visit to Ocean Isle Beach and it was just as great as last year. Olivia wants to make it our "every year vacation place". If the bank account agrees, I am in!

On Tuesday we took off for Columbia, SC. Note to self: do not select the shortest route on the GPS. Three hours into the trip when your husband realizes that and explains to you the difference between shortest and quickest you will be sorry. And you will wish you could get back the hour or so spent needlessly in the car, in the heat, with your two get the picture.

No matter, it was worth it because Wednesday morning led to our reunion with PVT Fischvogt.

The soldiers came out of the woods like this.

And then we got down to the business of hugging and oohing and aahing over our handsome soldier! We spent Wednesday on the base because Tyler was not allowed to leave. Without going into great detail, that was mostly a disorganized mess. But we were with Ty so that was good.
On Thursday, we headed back to Ft. Jackson at O' Dark Thirty for the official graduation. Afterward, Tyler and his friend Garcia were able to spend the rest of the day and night with us. Sort of. They had to be back on base at 4:30am.

I am so proud of Tyler. Attending his graduation and this experience ranks up there with one of the best for me. And I feel like it was a priceless opportunity for my girls.

So that's where I have been for the past 10 or so days :) Pin It


Judi said...

It sounds and looks like it was a beautiful trip...lovely pictures and beach and swimming and sun..and a handsome soldier visit as well. Yes one must study directions on the gps...
have a great day

Amy said...

Just seeing the pics from your visit with Tyler reminded me of my visit with my brother for the grad ceremony for the AF. I got goose bumps like it was yesterday! Glad you guys got to see him!