Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meal Plan Schmeal Plan

When you have a week that is full of the norm turned upside down, you just have to wing it. And that goes for a lot more than just meals! There was no Monday post b/c who really wants to see McDonalds listed as kick off for the week?

Since Saturday, a dear family member has been hospitalized so much time and prayers have been spent encouraging his recovery. And yea, he is home now!

My little Olivia is fighting some kind of sickness since Friday. It comes and goes but as of yesterday at noon, a call from the school nurse indicated it was most definitely back. My girl is on antibiotics for some yucky coughing and a noisy chest. Currently, she is back asleep on the couch approximately one hour into another sick day.

Caring for all of these details is my job but wow does it make it hard to do the other jobs outside of my home!

I have a headstart on today though. Dinner is going into the crockpot. Pin It

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