Thursday, December 1, 2011

December: Ideas for Giving

As I said on the post before, giving really feels good! I am determined to do some nice, unexpected things during this holiday season. I hope to include my girls in many of them. I (we) have a few ideas so far:

+ deliver a gift card to our neighbors who unselfishly maintain our neighborhood sign and decorate it for each season

+ tomorrow I am meeting a small group to plan a classroom party and I am treating them to Starbucks (yeah!)

+ more pet presents...additional catnip pillows and hopefully some braided dog toys...maybe even fleece pet beds/pillows

like these:
+ I found a brand new pair of snow pants and matching winter coat that I bought at a deep discount last year for Shelby, however, I just bought her that same thing about one month ago. I am on the look out for a deserving size 7/8 little girl who needs this.

+ make a delivery (or mail) the few things I have for the Ronald McDonald House

+ send more notes and thank yous via the US Postal Service

PLEASE share your additional, practical, ideas.

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