Friday, January 20, 2012

Insta Friday

Joining Life Rearranged with another week of Insta Friday photos.This is a recap of my week using nothing but my phone's camera.

 I uploaded this week using the Blogger App instead of the BlogPress App. Well, it is not nearly as user friendly so I cannot get captions between my photos. Argh. But here goes: Shelby's basketball game shot with my FishEye lens. Next, crazy hair day at dance class. Yes, those are birds in Olivia's nest of hair. It was also bring a friend day so the next photo includes sweet Emily. The next one is Shelby and her friend Audrey having a sleepover on Sunday {no school on Monday}. And last, my parents sent me a Cookie Bouquet yesterday. So bright, cute and tasty too.

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1 comment:

Holly said...

Love the crazy hair day! Looks like fun! :)