Friday, April 13, 2012

InstaFriday:: Friday the 13th

Joining in with the masses who participate in this thing:

Modeling her new dress and shoes.

Counting the 300+ eggs for our big hunt.

Chickies--a Pinterest inspired idea. So cute and fast. These were gobble up before we even had lunch.

Me and my girls. Major proof that using the camera on hand beats no photo at all. This is a keeper.

My favorite photo from Easter. Shelby racing around the yard during the hunt.
Below: wish this depicted how insanely windy it was at the soccer field. Notice my car hood in bottom of the pic. Yea, I was NOT outside.

 And one of my latest Project Life inspired layouts. You can view more of those here and here. I have recently been told that these really do look like traditional, paper scrapbooking. Guess what? This is all done digitally.And in the case of the above layout, every one of the pics came from my iPhone. In nearly every layout I have made this year, they are all cell phone camera pictures. Amazingly good stuff.

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