Sunday, February 17, 2013

2013 project life pages

Again, I do not adhere to Project Life in the true sense of the word as I record my memories monthly and/or as a special occasion warrants. With that being said, I have moved on to 2013 and am really embracing this style of record keeping. There are so many great digi products available both at reasonable prices and for free. Now that I am not working with a specific digital scrapbooking site, I am allowing myself to purchase and enjoy products from new sites and designers. The designs are inspired and plentiful!

First up, January:

Most of this is from a new site, Pixels and Co. LOVE them! I also purchased new templates which has made making pages easier and better designed, with a much stronger end product.

And one more highlighting Olivia's first dance competition:
(click on photos to view larger)

Who is your current favorite designer? What digi scrapbooking site do you love right now? Pin It

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