Saturday, February 17, 2007

I won another scrapbooking contest!

This one was sponsored by and the challenge was to scrapbook about your favorite things. I got so into making mine, I forgot about even adding photos and you know what? I like it that way. I already got my cool prize package of Daisy D products. The mailman dropped of my order from at the same time. That was the result of my winnings from the other contest. So, a good week.

In the not so good week category is the snow and ICE, mostly ice, we have had this week. ICE and very cold temps. So ICE that does not want to go away. The good thing, although we were housebound and Olivia will have what amounts to a "7 day weekend" from school after Friday and President's day are factored in, is that we had plenty of food and electric. Many other people were without power for a day or more. I am sharing two pictures of the snow and ice. Look at that pretty red cardinal in the pine tree. Olivia has seen up to 4 at a time in that tree since all this weather occured.

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