Thursday, March 1, 2007

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First, I am eternally grateful for the close knit group of friends I have remained in contact with since college. I hate to but I will admit, I met some of them 20 years ago, and other few 19 years back. That does make me an old bat...who turns 38 tomorrow. Anyway, 5 of us met up last weekend and it was truly good times laughing and re-hashing our past. Although we had cameras, we did not take a single shot of the 5 of us together. Inexcusable.

Now, about blogs. Late Saturday evening we began discussing them after many cocktails and at the exact moment we were enjoying hamburgers as large as our heads. I just assume everyone reads blogs, as I do. Not the case. One friend even asked: are they for losers?! Not knowing of course about my little secret here. At this time, I am still in the closet but I will soon come clean to these women who I have shared more than half of my life with. I like my blog. It is a work in progress and I am not quite sure when, if ever, it will be relevant to others. But for now I like it, and the minimal time it takes to maintain. As for other blogs, I love them. Probably too much so. They are the bloodsuckers that steal my time and keep me too long at my computer and away from the many other things that demand my time--like kids, meals, laundry, cleaning house.

Now to scrapbooking. I submitted a BUNCH of pages to a Memory Makers call. I have to assume they liked something they saw b/c they inquired if any were "unseen" as in never published on a website. Darn it. I love instant gratification and have the suckers plastered just about everywhere (can you see that slideshow?!). Only one is available. I was pretty bummed at this missed opportunity. But the next day, I got a new email extending the date for layouts for this book until March 9 SO now I am trying to produce some worthy pages :) I am trying to stay really motivated since Memory Makers is located about 15 min. from my house and I would just love for them to give me some more permanent type of gig :)

Ok, that is a sufficient amount of rambling to fill the void that was this past week as far as presence on my blog. I have made a few new recipes that I will bring to you soon. Again, not sure who YOU is, but I will share some tasty dishes for the heck of it! Pin It

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