Saturday, March 10, 2007

birthday celebration, part 2

Today, we celebrated mine and my mom's birthdays together as they are two weeks apart. While not the most flattering, I do think these photos capture the moment well! And I really love that they have my Mom and I together, along with my two girls.

And that is another cheesecake from Costco (see below Birthday photo, same cake!). You cannot go wrong with this giant confection for $12.

My sister got me a big KI Memories slab of paper, 180 sheets. I am pretty pumped about that.

And in bad news related to aging...I have an absessed tooth. NO fun.

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1 comment:

Frederique said...

Tracy, so nice to see you have a blog! You look great: so young btw!!! How dod you do it. I feel so old. And the boys are only 5.5!! Are you still posting on our other site? Tried to go there recently but could not even find the forums!!