Wednesday, April 4, 2007

the grocery store

I spend a good amount of time at the local Kroger store, and even more money. Almost to the point of insanity really. My sister Kelly once said I was having an affair with someone there, that is how often I would say: I am going to the grocery, I am at the grocery, I need to go to the grocery. Since having children, I find the need to go more, twice a week at minimum as my children only eat fresh produce, and even at that, they would still be considered picky. And so as not to blame them entirely, I have been cooking a lot the past few months, trying new recipes and they also require many "fresh" items. Ok, who cares really?! But you might want to read this b/c it is so incredible. Today, as I was preparing a salad from the salad bar, as I glanced underneath the sneezeguard, I saw a man with a huge, heaping spoonful of chopped ham. Only, this man did not have a salad container. Instead, he poured that into his other dirty hand, and walked off eating his snack. At 60 years old, or better, do you think he does not know that is not a free, snack bar?! I was so appalled. I do not own Kroger, heck, I don't even own Kroger stock so it is not really an offense against me personally but it made me mad. Fortunately, another woman saw it too and commented which made me feel not so alone in witnessing this crime. Dang, people are just strange.
Ok, in other thrilling grocery store news...I saved about $80 today. That is such a cheap, thrill for a unemployed (mostly) woman like me! First, they have to swipe the frequent buyer card, deduction taken, then I have been saving these crazy points that eventually garner you a $10 gift card (I had two!) and then the cashier asks if I want to take my 15% off today? What?! Yes! I had a huge cart full of stuff for Easter, so that was a bonus. You would think I lived during the Depression or something the way I buy things...for instance today I bought enough Easter candy that I apparently expect neighbors to come in trick or treat fashion to eat some of this stuff up. Crazy. Pin It

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