Thursday, April 5, 2007

a sweetie for sure

My neighbor took these photos of this sweet baby, and then recommended me to them, to create their birth announcements. I have used this format before and it is just perfect for the "parts and pieces" photos.
In more photo card news, I will likely discontinue my website as it has never been the way I would have liked it, and I can easily share new cards here, as I create them. For reference, I have added a Flickr set which can be accessed on the right, under my Photos. I put some of my best samples there and will add more.
In addition, I will be adding more of my own photos as they are taken in that section too. Right now, I just have the one photo of Shelby under "my kids" but hey, I am a work in progress! If I did not think the word BLOG would startle most of my in real life friends, whose kids I photographed this week, I'd share those too. Gotta work up the nerve to explain this whole thing and ask permission, huh?
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