Monday, April 23, 2007

i jinxed myself

I was so high on kids being so good, nice weather, doing the mom gig solo for 4+ days and then it all came crashing down around 11:15 pm last nite. This sweet girl:

woke up with a raging ear ache. Oh my gosh, I have never had an older child in pain like this. We tried Tylenol (purple medicine as she calls it) and after one hour of her crying so hard, almost mad out of her mind, hands over ears, saying they were going to fall off, I called the ped at midnight. He did not sound too pleased, and he was whispering but what I could decipher sounded like max out her dose of Motrin, which I did. And about 2+ hours into it, she fell back asleep. What a helpless feeling as a mom. The ped did mention ear drops and going out in the middle of the night, which I told him was impossible since I was here alone with my girls. So we dropped Shelby off at school at 9, and then waited 45 min at the ped's office today to find out she had a really bad ear infection. Not common in kids nearly 6 y/o, and less common in children on day 5 of Amoxicillin! I swear, only Shelby has gotten any relief from her antibiotic, the rest of us seem plagued by colds, coughs, boogers and now, ear aches. Today Olivia was a trooper. She insisted on going to school although I know she had to be beyond tired. I was. And then she went to dance making the deal that she would stay only for ballet but she toughed out tap too. They opened the curtain for both routines and she was doing a 1 min 30 sec yawn during her tap performance. Darn, I just love her. When we got home with our Monday night ritual that includes Dominos pizza and cheesy a mom with kids in carseats, I will frequent any establishment with a drive thru...Dad was home! I went and bought special ear drops and even tried to find an elusive Webkin. No such luck, those things are a hot commodity. Tomorrow she is off due to "early release" or "you are paying Catholic School tuition for 7 days that your Kindergartner does not attend school" day as I like to think of it.

Sleep well. I sure hope this household does.

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Anonymous said...

oooh, that does not sound fun. hats off to you girls who can manage a household and family in addition to blogging. :) i can barely run the dishwasher once i get on this 'puter.