Sunday, April 22, 2007

chalk, jump ropes, lots of kids...outdoor fun!

First, my husband is away on a 4 day golf trip, Friday was day and night 1. Today is Sunday and I am pretty proud of myself and my girls. We miss him but somehow I am managing to hold down the fort, including late night baths after full days of play outside.

Here are some photos from Friday night when my friend Michelle, and her 3 girls came over for dinner and fun. Her two oldest are jump rope champions, as in, giving the Jump In stars a run for their money. Apparently, their school teaches them this during gym class, which I think is so unique and clever! They are only in 1st grade and K too. And the double dutch gene must run in the family, b/c her two year old was skilled at turning rope. My kids are apparently skilled at quirky hairdo's (note: Olivia in the Olivia Newton John-esque hair band) and staring into space, or anywhere but at their Mom who is holding the camera (note: Shelby).

Unfortunately, Megan, my friend's oldest is not shown here, but rest assured, she is just as cute as her sisters :)

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