Saturday, April 14, 2007

new blog header

Well, I wish I could say that was easy to accomplish, but it was not! Thanks to the online tutorials and few ladies from 2peas I got it done. This one will be temporary as it was just a quickie I created to see if I could get something to work. While it is up there though, I need to thank Carla Essen for taking this photo, and Rhonna Farrer f or the digital background paper.

We are fighting a stomach bug here. My little one, has sporadically been puking for 3 days. That is no fun for my girl, or her mom. Bleck. I just feel blah, so I think I am fighting it off, and my older daughter seems to have caught it but it in a milder form. Joy. We need to get well b/c we are invited to celebrate a total of 4 birthdays tomorrow and Monday, both girls return to school following Spring Break. Olivia also is on the countdown for the dance classes leading up to her recital on May 4. Not saying she is not good, but she probably could use each practice that remains :) Pin It

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