Sunday, May 20, 2007

from the heights of happiness to the depths of despair...

The butterfly show was incredible. We all loved it, from the littlest to the biggest. The kids especially had the knack for catching and holding them. Me? Not so much, which is just fine! One did land on me out of the clear blue though, and I managed not to freak out and smash it. The above photos are some of my best. My new lens took some tack sharp photos with gorgeous color. There is an amateur photo contest, and for sch*ts and giggles, I may enter one. Let me know by commenting if there is one you like best. There were also many professional photographers there with gear to make a girl like me DROOL! I assume they take photos to re-sell or maybe to submit to publications?
On a very tragic note. Afterward, I misplaced my keys and after we searched thru my small purse and camera bag, I picked up the camera bag haphazardly, not knowing it had not been fastened closed. Well, my new 50mm, Len the lens, fell onto the concrete. It could have been worse. My Mom says she barely caught my camera. Still...Len and I had a passionate and intense love affair these past 5 days. My love for him rivals the love I have for my very own children. He will remain in my heart but somehow, some way, I am going to find another $80 and race to the store to replace him. I am not cold. I am not callous. I plan to wait at least 48 hours before doing so. May Len rest in peace.
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Carla said...

Oooohhh... Len bit it? Already? I am so sorry to hear that; it's got to be making you sick! But hey, that collage is worth 80 bucks!! :) You did an awesome job. I just had a similar experience with the 85 mm - almost lost her beloved, protective lens cap at my friend's kids' dance recital. Phew!

I am continuing to be impressed with your photography here!!