Tuesday, May 22, 2007

people are just strange...

and rude! Today, I slowed to 20 m.p.h. in front of a large school zone that spans both our Junior and Senior High schools. I'd like to say I am just that good of a person, but I got a ticket a few months ago, sort of in a school zone (that school is now closed but the speed limit was still 25?) so my eyes have been opened to this and the need to be cautious. So, I slow to 20 mph, and the mini van behind me is riding my bumper, I mean she is about 6" away from it. And then she starts honking at me, a continuous honk. Well, I roll down my window to point to the SCHOOL we are driving past, but apparently she still believes I am just out to get her?! I may have yelled a few things too, like "it's a freaking school zone!", understanding of course only me, and my two kids could actually hear that. So my 5 y/o turns around and then tells me the lady is on the phone, and doesn't she know to slow down? She must not have gotten a recent ticket like me (her mother)?!

Anyway, this woman, who you have to assume is a mom herself if she is driving a mini van for gosh sakes, just keeps tailing me, drifting to the left to see what could possibly be holding me up, not considering it could just be the LAW. Enter a new car, with an old driver who really is driving slow after the school zone which kind of cracks me up. Well, mini van mom, she follows me through two parking lots, and when I finally pulled in a spot, she drove away. I guess she was going to rumble with me, while I had two kids in the car? I tell ya, it had my blood pressure on the rise!!

Okay, let's lighten things up with a few new butterfly show pictures as an ode to Len, my lost lens, who served me oh so well.

MaMa and my youngest.

The four grand kids, the big ones and the little ones. Yes, my sister's kids are nearly raised, and I am still changing diapers. Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with that!!

And this is my oldest, Olivia, in the pink. She was sharing a butterfly with this other little girl. Sweet, huh? And even more significantly, this was picture 1000 on my camera. I have taken 1000 photos in just under 6 weeks with this camera and darn it, I am proud of that!

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