Friday, May 4, 2007

I need a new t-shirt that says:

I survived my daughter's dance recital!!!

Aside from some rough patches at home, trying to get ready for the big show, things went amazingly well. Olivia really knew the dances, and actually looked over to the side at the teacher for guidance far less than most other children. That could mean one of many things:
--she was starstruck by the volume of people crammed in the cafeteria, I mean auditorium
--she is so extremely confident, and hardheaded, that she refused to look over there for help
--she got all caught up in the moment and was just shaking her money maker any way she darned well pleased
--she forgot she had a teacher?
--she was too busy combing the crowd for her own adoring fans

Anyway, it was sweet. The recital began at 7 pm and I have already downloaded and looked thru my 75 photos from tonight alone AND watched the entire video tape and it is not even 11pm! I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!!

You have all been to such events, so excuse my very poor snapshots. Not every picture can be a moment in portraiture, right?? But these, they tell the story.

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