Thursday, May 31, 2007

parades, school winding down, june on the horizon

We attended the Frontiers Day parade tonight. The 90 degree weather did not seem to deter a soul, instead it brought the people out in mass. Luckily, a friend had a key parking and viewing spot for us so it all went smoothly. Shelby would definitely win the most enthusiastic parade go-er if there were such an award. She squealed with delight the ENTIRE time. And would announce each detail: he waved at me, there's a bear, there's a balloon, a horse, a get the idea. She was so captivated that she really did not turn around much for me to take pics. I do like the one of her looking on holding the flag though.
Olivia has been pretty enthralled by Clydesdales since getting her Webkin, and tonight, she got to see them with her own eyes.
And the girls are so cute with the flags, huh?
Olivia has just 3 days of school left. Wow! They sent a bunch of her work home today, included were the results of some standardized testing. She did well, strong was the category. She got 22/23. I am so proud. I just wish she cooperated here as well. She does not even want to read to us although she is pretty darned good at it. This summer, it is a must.
Tomorrow...June 1. Bring it on. Vacation is just 14 days away :)

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