Monday, June 4, 2007

a day at Kings Island

Living in Cincinnati, has at least one advantage...being near a great Amusement Park: Kings Island. There are other perks too, but let's focus on that for today. We went yesterday, the 4 of us, plus some extended family. Big win for my kids to go with their grandparents b/c they spring for things like elaborate face painting, unlimited snacks, MORE stuffed animals. And then you have teenage cousins who can win you MORE stuffed animals by playing the games. It is also rare for Dad to come along, as he does not have a Season's Pass like the girls and I do. So most of the day was spent saying: I want to ride xxx with DADDY. And you know what, as mad as I was Friday about his late return from the Memorial golf tourney in Columbus, this cute little picture of the 3 of them on the blue ride (they are seated on 4-5-6) and holding Shelby's hand, well it makes me all of full of forgiveness. Darn it, I might even be misty over it. Nah!
And funny, years ago King's Island had all kinds of live shows with singers and dancers doing top 40 medleys, Barry Manilow medleys, Summertime medleys... and then, those disappeared. This year they are returning. I guess with the popularity of American Idol and the like, this is back in vogue. So yesterday, we caught one in front of the Eiffel Tower and afterward, Olivia got her photo with singers/dancers. Shelby chickened out. They had given them both leis during the performance which was super special to Olivia. And handy too, b/c today was Hawaii day at school!
That is Olivia with her hands up in the front car of the yellow coaster. And words are not enough for the sweetness factor of the photo of Shelby, Olivia and PaPa. Olivia's hand on his shoulder is too much! And if you know her, public displays of affection are often in short supply so this is a BIG deal. Note to self, pay lots of $$ for face painting...receive one handed hug.

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