Tuesday, May 29, 2007

she's got all the moves

It is that time of year---pool time! It has been so HOT, nearly 90 degrees so although we have a new liner on order, we have swam the past 2 days, and will until it has to be drained and the dirty (and costly?!) job is done.

Olivia seems to have not missed a beat in her swimming skills and here she is tonight, with some of her fancy "jump in" moves. Isn't that top one funny, it is like she is walking on the water!

Shelby, well, she is coming along. Currently she is stuck with wearing a Barbie life jacket, and her father has decided to put a ring around her as well. She doesn't quite get the balance thing in the jacket alone, but with the ring around that, she can float around solo. I cannot wait until she can swim, and/or at least touch the bottom of the shallow end. One more summer of hard work for me I fear until one of those two things happens.

As for the awkward placement of photos, blame blogger!
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