Monday, May 28, 2007

the weekend

Hopefully, my third try is the charm. Blogger seems to have been ticked at me the last two nights I have tried to post, especially with pictures.
All in all, it has been a great weekend but exhausting too. Poor Shelby definitely burned out last night, she fell asleep in the car around 7pm, slept for another 15 min in the car in the garage, then another hour on the couch and finally slept right thru a move to her bed at 8:30 pm. She was filthy and covered in paint, from a rock painting adventure at MaMa's. She awoke at 11:30 pm but managed to fall back asleep after she received her drink, and got changed into pajamas, and nestled between Mom and Dad in their bed. A trend that seems to be emerging pretty strongly.
All of Dave's family is in town so I took over 100 photos on Saturday night. Here are some fun ones and some good ones:
My two brown eyed children are the odd ones out in his family. I must say, capturing gorgeous blue eyes was fun.
As you might imagine, corralling 7 grandchildren, at varying levels of

tired-ness and hungry-dom can result in mass hysteria. Here is one version of that.

My two are the characters, one yelling and the other doing the funny face routine.

I am tired too! I was able to redeem a $25 gift certificate at my local scrap store today, so that has me a bit rejuvenated. I cannot wait to use some of the great, new stuff I got and make use of all these pictures. I need to get in a groove and get some things organized. Olivia only has 6 days of school left and then I am back to a full schedule of two kids 'round the clock!

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