Friday, May 11, 2007

teacher's gift idea & photo software PSA

I made two of these bookmarks for Shelby's teachers to include with Borders gift cards. Her last day of pre-school is Monday, it really snuck up on me. Our weekend is so busy, but I'd also like to get a book for the classroom for each teacher too.
I made the photo collage in PhotoShop, but I have done similar things using Picture It. I adhered that to cardstock and then sewed on the ribbon tab. I *may* have made something similar for Mother's Day, but just in case my Mom reads this blog, I will hold off on showing them.

Now for my Public Service Announcement:
For those of you with digital cameras, but who are not so crazy as me attempting to learn PhotoShop (which I think should comprise about 99% of the population) you need to try Picasa from Google. It is free editing software, and if you do nothing else, open your pictures and use the "sharpen" option and prepare to me amazed. It takes away some digital haze, that you did not even know was there, but once it is gone you will marvel at your beautiful photo! Lots of other cool stuff on there too but start with sharpen if you do nothing else.

This is also an awesome place to view all your photos. Check it out. Heck, I just saw they have a newer, new version so I am off to update my own. Pin It

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