Sunday, May 6, 2007

two new family members

Today we welcome Ethel and Chapstik. They are Drizzlepets. I have to say, I was quickly struck at the genious of this idea, and that was before I saw they had a website. The marketing was genious too, they came in mini Chinese takeout containers with a brochure about caring for them, and inside two of the four flaps was a handwritten name, and birthdate. Olivia picked Chapstik and Shelby chose Ethel, or Effel as she calls her/it. And me, I shelled out $6 per Drizzlepet! We saw these at the Madeira Art Fair, which I so enjoy but had not been to in years. I mostly bought the kids stuff, and hot dogs for lunch. I saw lots of jewelry I would have loved to have but instead got a ribbon keychain with my initial emroidered on it. After finding Ethel and Chapstik, it was really anticlimatic. Pin It

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