Sunday, June 24, 2007

dolphin cruise

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Here is a little collage made with Picasa. I took way too many photos during this 1.5 hour cruise, but I thought I would share a good laugh with the actual dolphin shots. As you can see, the parts and pieces of the dolphins are like tiny specks in the sea...and this is with a decent camera, that is fast. I was snapping away like there was no tomorrow. Hopefully a little cropping will make them more scrapbook worthy. As for the people shots, I love those. We had a great time on the Vagabond, and I highly recommend this if you visit Harbour Town in Hilton Head. I loved HH as a whole. The beach was nice, except for the one day of severe crab invasion surrounding our rented chairs and umbrella, the restaruants were many and the food delicious, and the shopping was great too. Island Girl was my favorite. I got some adorable Eliza B flip flops, and 3 Lilly Collection bracelets, one for me, my mom and my sister. I got us the palm tree pattern, but I cannot find that online.
Today was back to reality, and mounds of laundry and general house cleaning. Tomorrow, I have vowed to begin potty training Shelby. The plan is to go cold turkey, and wear only undies. Heaven help us.
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