Monday, June 25, 2007

some days, being a mom is tough

If you are faint of heart, have a queasy stomach or just plain don't like poop talk, do NOT read on.

So, we are about 50/50 today on the cold turkey no more diapers-only undies experiment. By that I mean, we have had 3 successful tinkles in the potty, 4 tinkles that landed elsewhere. Defining elsewhere as: the dining room floor, and 3 times outside by the pool. Those, were easy. And honestly, I was losing hope until she asked to get out of the pool, and then promptly stood there and peed. I felt like it was a breakthrough, afterall, she could have tinkled from the comfy confines of her innertube.

FF to one hour ago. I left her downstairs with strict instructions not to poop in her pants. Heck, it was worth a try! When she called me, she said: "mom, I tinkled." I was on my way, but asked where, to which she said: "the floor". Only, it was not wet on the floor b/c it was poop, a lump, in her pants. I am out of practice on tackling this so I put a towel on the floor and laid her on that and tried to daintily pry down the undies. Well, it was not dainty and "it" ended up on the towel. I nearly bare-handed knocked the thing into a bag and began cleaning her up. You just know you are a MOM, a great one, if you pick up poop barehanded. I was feeling good at taking care of business, and in an effort to boost confidence, I even thanked her for telling me she pooped. Folks, had she sat in it, it would have been worse.

I go on about my business, outside, talking when I notice something brown on my forearm. Yep. It was "it".

Tomorrow will be better, right?! Pin It


Anonymous said...

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Carla said...

I am laughing so hard right now!