Friday, June 29, 2007

generosity & good causes

I have found the scrapbooking community to be so generous, and they rally like no other group when one of them is in need. I have seen many donations made to Make A Wish, Autism organizations, cancer organizations--all just so worthy. And today on Jessica Sprague's blog I saw this....a new digital website that will feature a new digital kit each month and all proceeds will go to that month's charitable organization. It is called Songbird Avenue. Wow, that is cool. So it might be the awesome digi kits that motivate you, or it might be that a particular cause has more meaning to you...either way, everybody wins.
As for scrapbooking, I am working on what I hope to be my Memory Makers Masters entry. I need 4 never before seen layouts, and then another new layout with the theme of "I wish". I have entered before (I care not to admit how many times) and received no accolades but I just cannot seem to let it go! I need everything to be complete and to their office by July 31. The hard part for me is not sharing online, I just love instant gratification! Right now, I have 10 lifetimes worth of photos and stories to go along with them, but I just cannot wait to get my hands on some of my vacation photos. I tend to be most motivated by what is new: newest pics, newest supplies, newest techniques!!
Have a great weekend. Only 5.5 days until Olivia's 6th Birthday!! That would be Olivia, who is currently gracing the pages of Simple Scrapbooks magazine. Just so you know... Pin It

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