Tuesday, July 3, 2007

the celebrating soon begins...

And I am right between: oh schit, how the heck am I going to manage 35 people tomorrow, especially if it rains and thank you, lord for giving me a BIG reason to celebrate every 4th of July. It's true, I pretty much walked on hot coals to get my kids and long before I had any, I'd think of how fun it was going to be to throw big parties, and do kids crafts. Even though, I get caught up now in the work, and expense of it all, I do feel blessed that my Miss Olivia was given to me, and on July 5th to boot. It makes for a super fun time of year to celebrate and the kid, she does really think at least half of the fireworks are in her honor! So our goal this year was to only have neighbor kids, and keep the total to 8. We have rounded out at 11 but that is just fine. We just lined up and filled treat bags, which both Shelby and Olivia loved doing. They are so ready for tomorrow just to be here and hang all the signs, play the games, get tatoos, bust open the pinata, eat ice cream cake (see, I do got just a tad overboard). And so am I. I just prefer for all this to go on OUTSIDE, if at all possible.
Back to housework and enjoying the peace and quiet of one napper in the house. Off to the grocery tonight with the 2/3 of the population who is also throwing a bash tomorrow. Doesn't that sound like fun? Pin It

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