Tuesday, June 12, 2007

in preparation

for Vacation, I am not doing much else but running errands and stacking things around my house, for their final destination of being crammed into our mini van. And then onto the beach! Hooray. However, one of our more major home/outdoor projects is about to commence before we leave: getting a new pool liner. This sounds like a huge (and expensive) undertaking, huh? Somehow, all that water needs to get OUT, the new liner in, and then the pool must be refilled. Our hope is for all this to happen before Thursday, so we can leave with things intact, and the solar cover on top of all that new COLD water (have I mentioned expensive?). So, most of our concentration (Dave's) will be on that from tonight forward. So dutifully, I am taking my kids for one last looooong dip today, heck, it is going to be near 90. I know I make a lot of sacrafices for them but it is my job as their mother. And really, it is not all fun b/c when Dave is at work, I have to do all the tedious things, like remove the soloar cover, fight with the automatic pool cleaner, skim the bugs off the top....
But in exciting news, Miss Olivia's face can be found in the pages (page 112 to be exact) of the July/August issue of Simple Scrapbooks. This can be found NOW in bookstores and craft stores. I do not expect you to buy it if you are not a scrapbooker, but for gosh sakes, go open one up and look at her, please :) And you can read the kitschy little bio they wrote about me.

The cover looks like this:
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