Saturday, July 7, 2007

imagine, no internet on the very day...

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my youngest flies the coop...I mean, gets her big girl bed. I was frantic not to be able to email or post any pics! But...No more crib over here. Pretty amazing since it has been in use for 6 years. The new bed looks nice, huh?? She said: cool, alot. And kept saying: look at my new room, I got a new room! Not exactly true but it is exciting and a mini makeover of sorts. Now, her sister was a little less receptive. The new digs down the hall made her room seem quite inferior. Afterall, it is July and she is sleeping on flannel sheets. By choice. Just as she is a fashion don't in her personal fashion choices, she is a bit eclectic in her room as well. So, she sleeps on flannel sheets year round, has not used a comforter in about a year, and sleeps in summer nightgowns too. Anyway, she wanted to spruce things up and asked me to take some pics of her room next.

This one shows the bubble wrap over the pillow. Seems her sister's new fluffy pillows made hers seem lackluster so she added that for comfort (don't worry we did not let her sleep with a wad of plastic!). She also noted me taking a photo of the floral print, and she added this beach towel so now her room will be following a loose animal, ocean-life theme.
I think the all about Shelby thing was wearing at her, don't you?
Going to sleep in the separate beds was no easy task, but after MUCH maneuvering, Shelby slept all night long in her new bed. It is way too high off of the ground though, and I slept with one eye open and both ears on alert, fearing she'd fall out. She did not; until around noon, right onto her head. So as lovely as it looks, I think the boxspring will have to come out for awhile.
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