Thursday, July 5, 2007

and then she was 6...

{yep, another Webkinz, she now has 9!}

Last nite, she was still only 5 but she partied like she was 6! We had a great time, it rained right before the guests arrived and then cleared up. It rained again around 8:30, and chased them all from my yard into the driveways for a very loud fireworks display. I was inside, in the back of the house, firmly planted with the birthday girl's sister who is not digging the 'works this year. Not one bit. She would not even let me tackle the most monumental stack of dishes calling my name. I had to sit, on the couch, right next to her.

Proof of the fun is above. And it was mostly good times but my little quirky kid gave me a run for my money earlier in the day. Excitement, big events, they always seem to bring out the worst in her for a time. It then runs it's course and things usually go well. But during that spell of evil, I often wonder if one of us will not survive. Ugh. Any input on that??
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