Wednesday, July 25, 2007

party of 5, nope make that party of 17

Remember us? I am in the center, and around me are 4 of my very best friends ever.

And see this? This is why we find it hard to get together more than 4x's per year for girls' only dinners. That's right, between us, there are 12 kids. This was after roughly 4 hours of swimming and playing. And heck, they probably look better than if we had taken another photo of the 5 of us! My motto for a successful photo of children, or families with children: If everyone is present, it's a keeper! The kids range from 15 months to around 10. They were all so well behaved. And although, we, their mothers, maintain a close friendship, the 12 of them rarely get together ,so that is a real compliment to the whole bunch of the crazy kids.
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