Thursday, July 19, 2007


I managed to do 2 pages this week, despite my husband out of town and my two girls in full on "pay attention to me" mode. Oy. The top one is a hybrid layout...which most of mine are...but in case you are not a scrapper like me that just means I combine computer techniques along with traditional paper scrapping. So the swirls and the word scooter are printed directly on the picture. Cool, huh?
The second one looks all funky b/c I had to scan it and sometimes when it merges the two halves of my 12x12 page together, it can leave a really noticeable line or the shading like you see her. Hopefully you can see past that but it's actually cute irl.
Other than that, my girls have suddenly gotten very into Polly Pockets. Shelby has gotten some as B'day gifts and that has renewed the interest for Olivia as well. Those little buggers are hard to dress though, so that means more Mommy involvement than I'd like! I am going to die trying to carve out 30 minute niches of time just for me to compute and create :)
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