Friday, August 3, 2007

back to school spirit

This is what you look like today - when your new school backpack and lunch box arrive from Lands' End, embroidered with both your name and a horse (at $10 per item additional). And if this is you, you also have sidewalk chalk stuck all over you b/c it is so stinking hot that your body is sticky and grimy.
Yesterday, a big box arrives, the 3 of us girls are all giddy to bust into the new school backpacks and an outfit for each, however, only Shelby's backpack was inside. What the h*ll was LE thinking by not sending both kids' stuff?! If you are only sending one person's name, it's no good baby, no good at all. But, we muddled through. Shelby of course had much less to complain about and wore her new shirt to bed, and I must say, the little corduroy skirt is about the cutest thing ever on her little chubby self.
Leading up to today's delivery, Olivia kept calling the UPS truck, the UDF truck which is so darned funny. Those of you not from the Cincinnati area, UDF is United Dairy's a convenient (or is that convenience?) store where you can also get the most delicious malts, ever.
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